The Vision

Inspired by the beach communities of Southern California, the BeetleBag was created to carry day to day items to the beach. Perfect when you need your essentials, but also need your hands and mind free to enjoy the ride.

Beach goers are not the only ones benefiting from this clever bike bag. The BeetleBag provides an all-in-one solution for any outdoor enthusiast. Transform your outdoor experiences and biking lifestyle. Focus on enhancing your surf, a picnic at the beach, or an exciting ride through the trails. No worries about the status, condition or location of your items.

With our patented design, the bike bag fits your back just as well as it fits your bike. Avoid the hassle of emptying or readjusting your bike bag, the BeetleBag is coming with you.

The Design

How to attach the BeetleBag to your bike:

1. Drape the bag over the top-tube of your bicycle.
2. Loop the Velcro straps around your front handlebar mount to hold the BeetleBag securely in place.
3. Snap the front strap to hold the front portion of the BeetleBag.
4. Snap the rear strap to hold the rear portion of the BeetleBag.

How to convert the BeetleBag into a backpack:

1. Unsnap the adjustable straps from the bottom of the top-tube.
2. Unhook the Velcro straps from the handlebar mount.
3. Unzip the two zippers from the bottom side of the bag.
4. Pull out the shoulder straps, put your arms through so that the BeetleBag rests on your back and adjust straps for comfort.

The Company

We are a design company based in Los Angeles. We ride our bicycles to the post office, to work and to the Farmers Market on Sunday. We mastered carrying coffee in one hand and steering the beach cruiser with the other.

We love the bicycling community, we are the bicycling community, and this product is for all of us. It is our goal to provide creative bag concepts that meet the needs of bicycle riders. We love to hear from our community, so please reach out with comments and suggestions.